Welcome to My Site.

I know by First sight it looks like “Jack of All Trades” and it is[If not all nonetheless Many] but my expertise is certainly around MS EXCEL and VBA.

So everything else you find here are either my hobbies[cardinal] or things that would have pissed me off sometime and I decided to make sure they would never again mess with another living soul.

You will see me posting Solution[s] for many “Run of the Mill” and some “Complex” Problem[s], When I say COMPLEX I mean that the Solution[s] to these Problem[s] were either not straight up available on Google Search[1st 4 Pages LOL] or were a compilation of various pieces of code scattered across the web[Life of a Programmer and Story of My life].

Hope you find here what you came for and at times some additionals too.

Enjoy Cruising through the site and feel free to post ethically bound comments.

Ravi N



  1. Ravi, I just want you to know that someone out there in internet land really appreciates the powerpoint tool you put together. I have often found myself wishing for automation of the exact function that your tool provides, so was really excited to find that it already exists! Without exaggeration, I have used it over 100 times in the last two days alone. Thank you so much for taking the time to put this out there for free to everyone.

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