Welcome to my Tools Page – Blah Blah Blah about all the Free/Paid Tools that are either built by me or sourced from others.

More often we find ourselves in a situation “Why didn’t Microsoft” think of it, after all it is so simple and obvious. But as a Programmer the one fact I have come to realize is “there are lots on everybody’s plate and very less time to furnish it”, whilst Microsoft is busy fixing the critical bugs, thanks to all the MVP’s[I am not One :(, Grrr] and other Open Source themed Programmers[I am trying to be One :), Kudos] for taking their time out and developing all those free utilities which so often save our arse’s whenever we hit a wall in one of our Projects.

This Page and the Tools are dedicated to all those MVP’s and Programmers

xyPainter – A PowerPoint utility Add-In
xyPainter – An Excel utility Add-In



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