xyPainter – A PowerPoint Utility Add-In


“xyPainter” is one of many free Add-Ins you find around the web dedicated to make people’s life less miserable.

I thought of it when I exhaustively googled[obviously] for such an Add-In[Free] and could not find one[at least on the first 4 Pages – 🙂 LOL].

“xyPainter” assists to paint the Size and/or Position of one object to another[Hmmm more like “Format Painter”] only a bit multitasking.

Well I don’t wanna boast[Oops] much, as You will find more about it in the Add-In and Instruction File[Please read before using].

So, “Just Hit It.”

This Tool is dedicated to all those MVP’s and Programmers who take out their time to make our life’s easier


Need more stuff goto – My Tools

Happy Programming,



  1. Hi Ravi,

    Firstly congrats on your new website. I tried to add “xypainter” addin but its throwing up an error “xypainter isn’t a valid add-in” can you please help further.


  2. Hi Suhas,

    Thanks for identifying the bug[Damn, How could I have missed it, Guess there is lot on my plate], I just looked into the file, the issue was with the file being embedded as an object. I have now zipped the file and updated the Instruction file.

    It will now work.

    Also I have created an Excel version have the Add-In in case you are interested.

    Ravi N

  3. This is excellent! Thank you. It would be even better if it would also copy and apply the crop properties of the initial image. For example, if the user crops 1.2″ from the bottom of the image, the tool would copy the crop properties, as well as the position and size properties, and then one could apply all three to subsequent images. Is that an easy addition to the tool? Also, does the tool work in PowerPoint 2013 64-bit edition? Thank you once again.

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