xyPainter – An Excel Utility Add-In


“xyPainter” is one of many free Add-Ins you find around the web dedicated to make people’s life less miserable.

I thought of it when I exhaustively googled[obviously] for such an Add-In[Free] and could not find one[at least on the first 4 Pages – 🙂 LOL].

“xyPainter” assists to paint the Size and/or Position of one object to another[Hmmm more like “Format Painter”] only a bit multitasking.

Well I don’t wanna boast[Oops] much, as You will find more about it in the Add-In and Instruction File[Please read before using].

So, “Just Hit It.”

This Tool is dedicated to all those MVP’s and Programmers who take out their time to make our life’s easier


Need more stuff goto – My Tools

Happy Programming,


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